About Leah

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I have personally adapted this system, after failing every other diet under the sun.  This process was the first time where I found the flexibility to fuel my body in a way that was conducive to the goals I have, while also equipping me with the ability to understand how nutrition affects my body. 


And now, I'm here to share it with you.  My goal is to teach you a modified low carb, macros-based lifestyle. This will be paired with strength training to help you build lean muscle while also burning fat and strengthening your body.  I will provide a training plan along with tutorial videos to help walk you through the workouts, and the plan is designed to allow you the flexibility to workout at home or at the gym, whichever you prefer!  Obviously, no results are guaranteed, and every body is different, but the goal is to help you learn to ADAPT your goals to fit your lifestyle.  


My goal is to make fitness affordable and achievable for long term success!  I believe anyone can do this within realistic boundaries and reasonable expectations.  


I am so excited to have this opportunity to watch you grow in knowledge and strength and hope you find as much flexibility in this lifestyle as I have!  


Welcome to F3!



Before starting any exercise or dietary regimen, please consult your personal physician for a complete physical examination. Frequent and strenuous exercise should be approved by your doctor. Consult a certified personal trainer if unsure of how to perform any exercise.