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What Is Better For Constipation Laxative Or Enema

Enemas and suppositories are used to relieve constipation and rectal fecal blockages (complex rectal blockages, compacted stools). They can also be used in combination with oral laxatives to clean the colon in preparation for irrigoscopy (rectal examination method). Some suppositories contain stimulating laxatives. [2], [3], [4] Laxative effect Emollient laxative (also known as a stool softener) Active ingredients: docusate sodium and docusate calcium How it works: It helps wet and soften the stool. Considerations for use: Stool softeners...

Easy to clean: separate the nozzle from douche and rinse enema nozzle with warm water or soap, dry enema kits with a clean cloth. 6. MiraLAX Laxative Powder for Gentle Constipation Relief, #1 Dr. Recommended Brand, 45 Dose

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